April 18th - Healy Virtual Food Bank Discussion 1:30-3:30pm

Post date: Apr 8, 2020 3:01:10 AM



Libraries are more than a building full of books. They are a community space, a community advocate, and a safe environment for ideas. Join us for a conversation about a potential food bank in the Healy area.

The conversation

- is an open format discussion

- brings together key players that can provide insight, contribute support, and/or address concerns.

- raises awareness and engagement in the community

- is open to the public

- and will stimulate action and plan development.

We are lucky to have so many organizations and people with diverse interests and skills in Healy. I know all of our minds are elsewhere with the pandemic, but it is a great time to remember that many in our community cannot make it to the store to stock up, because they are having trouble affording food regardless of world issues. And there are many who will be economically affected by this crisis who may find themselves unable to provide basic necessities.

If we all pitch in and work together we can better meet this important need year round. One of the best things about living in a small town is the generosity of neighbors. Let’s exemplify that character in this trying time.

Members of the Fairbanks Food Bank and the Foraker Group will join us in this discussion and offer advice for both the initiation and long-term success of establishing a food bank in Healy.

The conversation will be held virtually on April 18th @ 1:30pm via Zoom. A link will be posted before the event

The goal of our conversation will be to discuss the following as it relates to Healy.

1. The need for a food bank?

2. What do we have already and what do we need to support a food bank?

land, building, food, volunteers, legal, financial, etc..?

3. Who can help provide these needs?

If there is a specific subtopic that you would like to add and/or a key player that you feel needs to be involved in this conversation, please let the Library know. All are welcome so please share this with anyone who would be interested in joining us.

Please let me know if you have any questions, concerns, or ideas. Please also RSVP yes, no, or maybe by April 7th, so that we know who will be participating.

Looking forward to a fruitful and productive conversation.

Please reach out to me now if you currently need assistance with food or resources. The Library can coordinate assistance with Neighbor To Neighbor for you and your family.