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The Tri-Valley Community Library is located in Healy, Alaska, twelve miles north of Denali National Park on the George Parks Highway, within the Denali Borough.  The economy is dominated by Usibelli Coal Mine, but tourism is a rising industry.  Healy experiences a large influx of seasonal people during the summer months, when visitation of Denali National Park is at its peak.  The library serves the communities of Healy, Ferry and McKinley Village

The population of Healy is approximately 1000 according to the 2000 census data.  Alaska Natives represent 2.3% of the population.  The median household income is $60,000; however, 4.9% of the residents live below the poverty level.

The Tri-Valley Community Library is located in the Tri-Valley Public School, which serves grades K-12.  The library is a combined use public/school library in cooperation with the Denali Borough School District.


The mission of the library is to provide all community members with the opportunity for lifelong learning by promoting literacy, providing access to information and offering programs for enrichment.


* provide free access to library materials

* promote reading

* encourage use and support of libraries

* acquire and maintain a well-rounded collection

* support the arts, humanities and cultural interest

* provide internet access and computer software

* provide reference services

Intellectual Freedom

The Tri-Valley Library subscribes to and supports the policies and resolutions adopted by the American Library Association as presented in Appendix A-E of their policy manual as follows: Library Bill of Rights and its interpretations (Access to Electronic Information, Services & Networks; Access to Library Resources and Services Regardless of Sex, Gender Identity, or Sexual Orientation; Challenged Materials; Diversity in Collection Development; Expurgation of Library Materials; Labels and Rating Systems; Library-Initiated Programs as a Resource; Privacy; Free Access to Libraries for Minors; and Evaluating Library Collections), Freedom to Read Statement, Code of Ethics of the American Library Association, the Resolution on the Retention of Library Usage Records, and the Resolution on the USA PATRIOT Act and Libraries.  These documents are archived in the Library Policy Manual.

Contact Information


Suntrana Road

P.O. Box 518

Healy, AK 99743-0518

Phone Number:

(907) 683-2507

Library Director:

Cyndy Green (Mz G)