2010 Quilt Show

2010 Quilt Show

       2010 Quilt Show February 27th & 28th



 Bear Face
  by Diane Atkins

 Viewers Choice, 1st place
Non-Traditional Wall Hanging, 1st place

  by Be Sheldon

Viewers Choise, 2nd place
Non-Traditional Bed Quilt, 1st place

 Drunkard's Path
  by Leanne Stone & JoElla Blanchard
 Baby Quilt, 1st place 
 Summer's Quilt
  by Nancy Stratton
 Baby Quilt, 2nd place 
 One-Minute Quilt
  by Nancy Stratton
 Baby Quilt, 3rd place 

 Dad's Birthday Quilt
  by Adena Arbuckle

 Quilting By Kids, 1st place

 Ben's Graduation Quilt
  by Patti Jordan
 Traditional Bed Quilt, 1st place 
 Turning Twenty Quilt
  by Cheryl Adamyk
 Traditional Bed Quilt, 2nd place 
 Maple Leaf 2009
  by Leanne Stone & JoElla Blanchard
 Traditional Bed Quilt, 3rd place 
 Turning Twenty Quilt
  by Lolita Valcq
 Non-Traditional Bed Quilt, 2nd place 
 Bed Quilt
  by Diane Atkins
 Non-Traditional Bed Quilt, 3rd place 

 Road Less Taken 
  by Terri Loegering

Class Projects/Guild Challenges, 1st place

 Chilies, Adobe, and Turquoise
  by Lucy Tyrrell
 Class Projects/Guild Challenges, 2nd place 

 Notebook Cover
  by Anne Paul

Clothing/Accessories/Home Décor, 1st place

 Charm Pack Bag
  by Anne Paul
 Clothing/Accessories/Home Décor, 2nd place 

 Oriental Poppies
  by Susanna Nancarrow

 Traditional Wall Hanging, 1st place

 Ice Fishing
  by Lolita Valcq

 Non-Traditional Wall Hanging, 2nd place

 Woodland Wildflowers
  by Cheryl Adamyk
 Non-Traditional Wall Hanging, 3rd place 

 Spirit Raven
  by Anja Phenix

 Adult Beginning Quilt, 1st place

 Wedding Ring
  submitted by Anja Phenix

 Antique Quilts, 1st place

  by JoElla Blanchard

 Works-In-Progress, 1st place