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Library Expansion

 Library Expansion and Renovation Proposal

The Tri-Valley Community Library approved plans in 2019 to expand and renovate a second public library space. The population in Healy, AK has more than doubled in size since 1990 based on the US Census numbers from 1990-2010. The library’s collection has over 22,000 items and almost 15,000 items circulate a year. Currently the Library partners with the Tri-Valley School and has a Facility Use Agreement with the Denali Borough School District.  Public library use is dependent on classroom space and school scheduling.  Because the shared library space continues to be ideal for circulation and housing the combined school and public collections in one central location, the proposed expansion leaves the current library intact and solely focuses on external program areas and administrative space outside of the school structure. There is no plan to relocate the central collection.

Second Facility

The conceptual designs will achieve the following:

 The main library will remain open during construction as the expansion will be offsite.  

Long Range Plan

Once a building site is procured, an architect will be hired to evaluate the site and recommend a building plan which will be carried out in phases.  Conceptual plans for the expansion and renovation along with budget and project timelines can be found on this page as they become available.