January Book

posted Jan 9, 2016, 11:42 AM by Tri-Valley Community Library   [ updated Jan 9, 2016, 11:42 AM ]

Our nextbook club meeting will be on Monday, January 11, at 7:30 p.m. Bridget will bring book suggestions and a snack. 

We'll be discussing Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige, and because it is a high school Battle of the Books book, we thought it would be fun to invite the Tri-Valley HS team.   We are sharing copies as a group, so I'll email when books are available.  It is also available as an ebook and audiobook on ListenAlaska.  Each copy has a few holds, so whether or not  it is available through LA before our next meeting is a gamble.  

February's book is The Last Empress by Anchee Min.  From Booklist:  Min completes her stupendous two-volume historical novel about China's Empress Tzu Hsi, or Orchid, an indomitable and forward-thinking leader who was demonized, conspired against, feared, and worshipped. In Empress Orchid (2004), Min has concubine Orchid tell the story of her unlikely rise to power as she rules on her infant son's behalf after the emperor's death in 1862. As the second novel begins, the debauched heir ascends to the throne only to die, wretchedly, at 19. Her valiant attempt to bring her deranged sister's son to the throne also fails, forcing Orchid to remain at the helm of a starving and fractious nation under siege by Japan, Russia, France, and England. The Forbidden City is a snake pit, and viciously sexist traditions and wily enemies impede Orchid at every turn. Yet she rules courageously and strategically for nearly 50 years as territory is lost to foreigners, insurgencies rise, assassins lurk, and she is forced to deny her love for the heroic general Yung Lu. Min distills and transcends a vast amount of long hidden, highly significant historical fact to create a brilliantly imagined and pellucid novel possessing all the drama and angst of a Greek tragedy in its portrayal of an unjustly maligned, truly extraordinary woman leader. 

Cheers!! Amanda